Universal Credit Calculator


This simple Universal Credit calculator is intended to give an idea of how Universal Credit entitlement is calculated.  The calculation has two parts – the first part is to work out what someone’s “maximum” Universal Credit entitlement would be (the amount that they would receive if their household has no other income or savings. It shows that this maximum entitlement is comprised of a number of elements including:

*A standard allowance
*Additions on account of any children in the household
*Additions on account of sickness or disability
*Additions for rent

The second part (on the second tab) is to explore how earnings affect the claimant’s entitlement. This shows that deductions are calculated by:

*Calculating overall household earnings, net of income tax and national insurance
*Deducting any “work allowance” the claimant receives (this is the amount of earnings they can keep without it affecting their Universal Credit entitlement

*Deducting 63% of the remainder from the claimant’s maximum Universal Credit entitlement.

The third tab enables you to factor in other forms of income, alongside Universal Credit, to give an idea of an overall household entitlement.

The calculator is simplified, and is intended to give basic examples of entitlements only – it should not be used to calculate actual eligibility for benefit which is likely to be affected by complex individual circumstances.