Comparing entitlements in 2010 and 2020

This simple calculator is intended to let you have a look at changes in overall benefit entitlement for different household types between 2010 and 2020.  At the moment it only provides calculations for working age households with not earnings or savings.  (I hope to add calculations for in-work households shortly!)

The calculator operates on a number of assumptions including:

  • The calculations compare entitlements for new claimants for benefit in 2010 and 2020.
  • In 2020 it is assumed that the claim is for Universal Credit, and that relevant changes to provision have been implemented.
  • Where rent is included, it is assumed that the claimant is renting privately and that in 2010, rent was covered in full by Housing Benefit.  It is also assumed that Housing Benefit is frozen 2010-2020 (a generous assumption given reductions that have been applied over the period.)
  • It is assumed that 18-21 year old claimants are exempted from restrictions on eligibility to Housing Benefit.
  • Where an adult claimant with a disability receives the low rate care component of DLA in 2010, it is assumed that they lose eligibility to PIP in 2020.
  • Households where someone is in receipt of DLA or PIP, has limited capability for work related activity, or is a carer, are exempted from the benefit cap – otherwise it is assumed that the benefit cap applies.
  • Overall costs of living for the given household types increase in line with current RPI forecasts. An assumption like this is necessary for simplicity of modelling, but is unlikely to be exactly accurate for two reasons: (1) RPI forecasts are only predictive and (2) individual household types will face variations in increases in costs of living depending on the balance of individual household expenditure.

If you spot any errors (or interesting findings!) please get in touch at

The calculator is simplified, and is intended to give basic examples of entitlements only – it should not be used to calculate actual eligibility for benefit which may be affected by other individual circumstances.